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Many of the fans around the nation consider themselves "patriotic Americans." I don't necessarily mean patriotic in the sense that they would drop everything and fight in a war or anything like that. I'm talking about people that eat apple pie and sit on the back patio to watch the sun set. On that topic, what could possibly be more American than traveling to the baseball park and watching your local baseball team battle it out on the field for nine innings? There might not be anything better than piling into the car and unloading to enter your local stadium to eat hot dogs and crackerjacks with sodas all night. No matter which stadium it is that you're traveling to, each stadium has something about it that makes it unique and different.

Some of the older ballparks like Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago have needed renovations over the last few seasons to ensure that they won't fall apart. Fenway is best known for the green monster in left field that recently added seats so you can sit atop the 37 foot high wall and the friendly confines of Wrigley have the ivy covering the brick walls in the outfield. Wrigley also still brings people in to lead in the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh inning stretch and also plays more day games than any other team in the league. Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City has a waterfall beyond the left center field wall and Comerica Park in Detroit has a ferris wheel on the premises. Yankee Stadium has Monument Park to honor the past greats in the organization and Chase Field in Arizona has a pool past the right field wall. Every stadium from Seattle to Tampa and from Los Angeles to Boston has something special about it that will leave you with a memory you won't soon forget.

Baseball fanatics come out every year to buy tickets to get seats to watch their favorite team try to go all the way to the World Series Championship.


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